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From: GW
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 4:49 PM
Subject: Esprit V8 Engine

Hi John

GK gave me your name. I work for Fifth Gear the motoring programme. We're building a project V8 Esprit that we hope will crack 200mph. The engine we are having built will be very similar to the one which I understand you have. V8, GT28RS's, intercooled, flowed heads, etc.

We're looking to get a charge cooler made possibly similar to your Lotus Carlton type item and we will probably get a GT1 style plenum chamber made up. Would it be possible to take a look at your engine and perhaps take some pictures / measurements of these items to help our fabricator?

Thanks very much,



Fifth Gear

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From: JY
To: John Clark
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: V8 ECU

Hi John

Good to see that there is still progress on the project, I'll make a few enquiries about the exhaust manifolds.

I'm getting quite envolved in this 5th gear esprit project at the moment and I suspect that they will need new manifolds too so it might be worth waiting a while and letting them do all the donkey work to find out whats required and just go to the fabriction company that you sourced ( sneeky but it would save you a load of cash as they will already have all the dimensions and info required.

Thanks for the help on the ECU

I should be seeing my mate later on this week so if you could get it away sharpish he could have his car running by the weekend

I'll sort you out for the postage



John Clark <> wrote:

Hi Mate,

Sorry - yeah picked up your message late last night too (heavy weekend!)

Sure - it's no problem you can have the ECU back - maybe a new one would be nice, when they come in :)

Obviously I won't be needing this until the dyno session and I'm still in the exhaust manifold fabrication game (for the new turbos) - I've had to buy a new bmw cause my old one burst the oil cooler too, so time & money issues! I've been in contact with the Garrett team in the USA, who are racing a V8 with GT25 ball bearing turbos... I'll send you a separate email with this stuff.

Do you have any good guys that could fabricate stainless manifolds? (how about the guy who did the chargecooler?)

I'll box up & send you the ECU yeah? remind me your address.



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From: GW
To: John Clark
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 4:10 PM
Subject: RE: Esprit V8 Engine

Hi John

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner - been flat out on other stuff and today's been my first chance to catch up on Lotus.

Things haven't progressed a great deal since we last spoke, roll cage is going in now.

I'll give you a shout as soon as they've measured up etc. I've got to do some thinking on charge cooler radiator size/positioning, electric pump, expansion tanks etc. Serk's may have some specialist knowledge in this area.

Thanks for your help



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From: John Clark
To: GK
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: turbos


Long time no speak - how's you?

Things are really waiting on Fifth Gear at the moment - they're trying to do the 200 mph at the least cost now. So got to wait and see what speed they get on std turbos & intercoolers, race ECU, std heads etc.

They might go to further mods if they don't make it (stage 1, stage 2, stage 3...). It'll save me money if we do have manifolds fabricated together (I've let them borrow my plenum and chargecooler to copy). So I'm really on hold until I see which way things go (I'm really busy at work anyway and I'm trying to sell my old BMW and house!). I haven't even got round to updating my website! actually I've got a lot more new material and I've got the go-ahead to put Fifth Gear references in too.

Cut n shut would be my last option really, after bespoke manifolds and adapters.

By the way, I never got the rear upright back that you were having welded yet - you never know, I might need it one day!

Sure, you can have the turbos.