Project Team

Well in truth there isn't really a Project M71 team - just a team of one - John Clark (that's me!)

I originally thought it would be good to give credit to the people that have been involved and maybe list the supplers of parts and services - the normal "sponsored by" (maybe adverstising could get me a better deal too!)

It's not worked out that way though, as some the people have been very "behind the scenes" - even the 5th Gear TV program wouldn't authorise my mentioning working with them initially, so for now there no real photos here, as you can see, and the names are changed to initials

Maybe if things change I'll be able to update this section, but for now you can only click on my photo to reveal the details....

"GK" - parts man extroidinaire

I bought the V8 engine from GK right at the start and he's sourced virtually all the parts, including the chassis, suspension and very unusual items like the GT1 plenum

"JY" - engine specialist
I couldn't have found a better qualified guy to help me with the engine than JY. His knowledge of the Type 918 V8 is only matched by his collection of special tools

"SG" - dyno tuning
I had several meetings with SG when the engine modifications were first planned. He's now running a 1000 bhp dyno, which should fit my purposes well!

"GW" - TV researcher
There was a time when it looked like GW and the 5th Gear TV program could have contributed a lot to the project - saldy it looks like this partnership is not going to bear fruit

There have also been some other people/companies invloved on the project for smaller items or services, including: the charegcooler fabricators, the engine balancers and the piston suppliers