Larger wheels are essential for this project! both for wider section to handle the increased power and for larger diameter to accomodate much larger brakes for the additional stopping power required.

I'm using split rim OZ Futura wheels, which were an optional extra on the new V8 Esprit. The new fronts are 17 inch with 235 width tyres (235/40 ZR 17).... that's as wide as the standard Giugiaro Turbo rears! The new rears are 18 inch, with 285 width tyres (285/35 ZR 18 - can be fitted with 295/35 ZR 18)

I prefer wheels with a dished appearance and the OZ  have some outer offset on the fronts and an even greater offset at the rear, which I also prefer. The outer rims are polished and only the centre spoke section and hub cap are painted (with carbon fibre ring).  I may well have this centre parts of the wheels gold coated, to match the original split rim compumotive wheels that were used on the Giugiaro Turbo Esprit