Larger wheels are essential for this project! both for wider section to handle the increased power and for larger diameter to much larger brakes for the additional stopping power require

The Project M71 Esprit will use split rim OZ Futura 5 spoke wheels, which were an optional extra on the new V8 Esprit

Front: 8.5J width x 17 inch, 235/40 ZR 17 tyres
 as wide as the standard Giugiaro Turbo rears!

Rear: 10J Width x 18 inch, 285/35 ZR 18 tyres
can be fitted with 295/35 ZR 18

The aesthetics and fit with the Giugiaro Turbo Esprit body will be a factor to consider but the mechanical suitability with the Esprit V8 chassis, suspension are brakes will not be an issue

The outer rims are polished and only the centre spoke section and hub cap are painted (with carbon fibre ring)

Lotus cars are unusual in often using rear wheel diameters larger the front wheel diameters - this produces a rear-to-front appearance somewhat reminiscent of the Formula 1 cars of Team Lotus

The OZ Futura wheels have an outer offset, rather than the spokes being inline with the outer edge of the rim - the front 8.5J have a modest offset but the rear 10J have quite a large offset

This "dished" appearance and rear-to-front appearance is also inkeeping with the motorsport look and also
matches the original split rim Compumotive wheels that were used on the Giugiaro Turbo Esprit

The wheel fit within the Giugiaro body will be a point of discovery but the fact the front wheel, with clearance needed for steering, should be a benefit

The wheels have been aquired and have been fully refurbished, as detailed in the "Progress" section