Early Progress

Yep - Lotus probably could stand for "Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious"

The cracked exhaust manifold problem I had on the 4 cylinder engine was virtually impossible to deal with with the engine in situ

Time to get the screwdrivers out and start taking ancillaries off

The 910 is a great engine for a 4 cylinder but with it catnted over at 45 degrees I can't help visualising another bank of cylinders on the right...

Here's a photo of me back quite a few years ago after removing the orginal engine from the Esprit

The manifold was so overheated, that I had to cut it off with a grinder

Here's a photo from 2001, with the old 4 cylinder engine behind the Esprit, just before being collected in part exchange for the new V8 unit

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Giugiaro Turbo Esprit at the Lotus factory