I'm currently investigating very interesting alternatives for the transaxle but if these are not suitable I will use the Quaife  Q-TEK 6 speed sequential unit

Lotus actually worked with Quaife to develop a 6 speed sequential gearbox for the V8 but ultimately cancelled the project for cost reasons. Quaiffe have already done all the work though and can provide
everything for the conversion.

GTO Engineering is developing in conjunction with a Williams F1 engineer, a full 6 speed gear-set/shafts and up-rated bearings to replace the renualt internals lock stock and barrel.

So the empty Renault UN1 case you'll see on the back of my engine can be fitted with this kit (plus Quaiffe ATB)

When I last visited GTO, they were on their 2nd iteration of design (the 1st servived perfectly well in a 600 bhp single seater but wasn't applicable for road use because a reverse light swithc couldn't ve fitted!). The 2nd design had also been through prototype testing and was on test in the single seater.......