Giugiaro - Original & Best

Well everyone to their own I guess - but in pure design terms and "what's in & what's out" in the 21st Century, it seems that the original lines of the Giugiaro have come back....
I'm really "made up" about this - I've been spouting this very view for all the years since 1992, when I bought my Esprit. So I was more than a little pleased to read this in the Jan 2006 issue of Classic & Sports car (click below)

Ok, it's a view I've always held myself - but I'd already got wind that change was in the air, when in 2005 driving down a fairly empty M20 when I saw a nice tidy metallic bronze S3.... driving past I noted the car's owner was a fashion conscious 20something. A female acquaintance of mine also recently informed me that her work colleague's husband (in his mid twenties) also owned a "James Bond" shaped Lotus Esprit.... Anyway I'll leave it to the words of the article

Click the article above to read the opening line on the Steven's 80s rounded body Vs the Giugiaro "Folded Paper" original and read futher below