Giugiaro - Original & Best

Well everyone to their own I guess - but in pure design terms and "what's in & what's out" in the 21st Century, it seems that the original lines of the Giugiaro have come back.... I'm really "made up" about this - I've been spouting this very view for all the years since 1992, when I bought my Esprit. So I was more than a little pleased to read this in the Jan 2006 issue of Classic & Sports car (click below)

Ok, it's a view I've always held myself - but I'd already got wind that change was in the air, when in 2005 driving down a fairly empty M20 when I saw a nice tidy metallic bronze S3.... driving past I noted the car's owner was a fashion conscious 20something. A female acquaintance of mine also recently informed me that her work colleague's husband (in his mid twenties) also owned a "James Bond" shaped Lotus Esprit.... Anyway I'll leave it to the words of the article