Planning Committee

Here's some photos of the all-important moral support people on the project, who keep me going in times of dispair about lost parts, impossible technical problems etc. PM71 Friends&Family - a very cosmopolitan and eclectic club these days!

These shots are from the day in 2008 spent moving the car & engine, to allow us to sell the house & generate some more cash (not all for the project!)

Well things have moved on a lot since the project started - witness how my sons, Mitchell, Nathan and Jordan (left to right in 1st photo) have grown up since the earlier photos further below were taken...

Above left, Jord is the tall dude standing on the trailer with me... he was also the little one wedged in the front of the driver's window below! Nate and Mitch are left and middle below.... they're also the big guys left and right above with the engine :-)

I carried this picture in my wallet for many years, it dates back to the early 90's, when the twins (Nate & Mitch) were around 4 and Jordan was between 1 and 2

Left to right, Jordan, Mitchell and Nathan again - standing behind the Esprit just about the time PM71 got underway in 2001, mulling over the installtion of the V8 in the engine compartment

More evidence of how much my twins have grown up since I bought the Esprit... Above: Lotus 72 kiddies rides, now you don't see that every day! This was on holiday down in Torquay around 1994 when the twins were 4 - Nate on  the right and Mitch on the left

OK, Im trying my best not to be out done here :)

JPS lotus didn't exist when I had my first car, on the left - it looks more like a Type 2! I did have a JPS photo opportunity in the late 80s during a tour of Ketteringham Hall

One last image... one of failure... or rather how that is NOT an option and how this treatment at The London Dungeon, is what you get if you say I'll never finish Project M71!!