The Project M71 Esprit will use Esprit V8 chassis and suspension with fully adjustable coilover spring/damper units

The Esprit chassis evolved following its initial launch with the S1 but has changed very little since the "Eagle" chassis was released in 1989

The only major difference in for the V8 model chassis was the curving of the rear engine cradle tubes, to allow the exit of the exhausts on both sides of the car

This diagram shows the mounting points of the 12 bolts that secure the chassis to the GRP body - important information for seperating the body from the Esprit Turbo chassis on the donor/recipient car and mating to the V8 rolling chassis

Here's a chassis at the Lotus factory, being welded up in the jig - this is a pre-V8 version as the rear engine cradle tubes are not curved

The Esprit rear suspension originally had a "Chapman Strut", which meant that there was no top link and the fixed length driveshaft provided camber control

This was revised becuase of driveshaft wear and an adjustable top link was added

The rear uprights, above, went out of production by Lotus and became very rare but new billet CNC versions are being designed, shown on the right

Click here for the CAD files
and drawings

The updated coilovers are fully adjustable, for ride height, bump and rebound

The previously mentioned "Eagle" also introduced chassis geometry changes, which eliminated anti-dive and a reduced of the front castor angle