The styling aspects of the Project M71 Giugiaro Esprit V8 are now being planned with the Blender 3D graphics package

Click click the images above or below for a full gallery of 3D graphics work

The published 3D plans to date match those with earlier work on simple 2D images, as below, covering removal of the gold decals and change to OZ Futura wheels - Click click the image below for a full 2D gallery

Click the thumbnails above to show the planned evolution of the the external appearance of the car - not all the photos reveal yet - the full design will be the final reveal on the project

I'm a big fan of the Lotus JPS Grand Prix heritage - that was a big reason for wanting the V8 in the chassis - a suitable tribute to all the Cosworth DFV engined Lotus marques that enjoyed so much success in the hey day of Team Lotus

This is NOT a JPS commemorative edition, of course - for me it has to be the Turbo Esprit shape, made more aggressive by a Giugiaro re-styling... Click the JPS emblem for more on this