Project M71 People

Well, I'm John Clark
and this is my project!

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Hope you like the characature here - this was done as part of an Xmas card at my work, a major Internet hardware manufacturer - but I'm drawn next to a Lotus Engine, not a router.... seems it's obvious to one and all where my heart lies! 

So here's my Giugiaro Turbo Esprit - the lucky recipient of all this attention. I still think she's nice for a donor car!

My Dream car

It was my dream to own an original Giugiaro Lotus Turbo Esprit, in JPS black and gold colours, since my first visit to a Grand Prix. This was the John Player British Grand Prix of 1978 at Brands Hatch, which was held at the time when Colin Chapman brought the innovation of ground effect aerodynamics into F1 with the Lotus 79. It made a huge impression on me, to see Mario Andretti and the late great Ronnie Peterson effortlessly trounce the opposition, including Lauder, who floundered with squealing tyres almost half a lap adrift of the 'train-like' pairing of the Team Lotus cars.

So it wasn't the James Bond Esprit's that influenced me here (as almost everyone else seems to say!) - Of course this is nice too (more details in "007 History" section)

I realised my dream to own a Lotus Turbo Esprit in 1992 .... it seemed wonderful and almost serreal to see my name on the owners documentation and the lines of the striking Giugiaro design adorning my driveway!